Dark Minds Director of Photography and Principal Cinematographer

I have been working with DiBacco Films for some time now and we reached an agreement that will have me filming my second film for them starting this July 20th. The movie is called Dark Minds, here is the story synopsis:

Jennifer Williams is a professional psychic that has helped the local police solve open case crimes in the past. She has a track record with the local detectives and solved a national case that had huge media attention a few years back. Dr. Fenton is a psychiatrist that is also a psyhic but no one knows that he has psychic abilities. While Jennifer uses her abilities to help solve crimes and fix the patients she has, Fenton is using his abilities to molest young girls and have sex with them under hypnosis. The bridge between the two is Beverly, a confused 20 something that is searching for answers and still grieving over her parents death. While Jennifer tries to help Beverly, Fentons goal is to seduce her. The two paths cross when Jennifer finds out that Fenton has been destroying the Innocence of young girls for years. Jennifer sets out to stop Fenton from hurting Beverly and anyone else. It’s an emotional battle of wills that all takes place in the unnavigable maze we call the mind.

More information on the cast can be found here at IMDB: Dark Minds on IMDB

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